Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Recently, Frank Osodi Richard- the designer behind the House Of Bunor , paraded quite an interesting collection using the luxurious Lace fabric .

Overtime, its is well known that African lace denotes brightly coloured, industrially embroidered textiles that define the image of Nigerians worldwide. For over fifty years it has been the fabric of choice for festive and formal dress styles. Hence an exhibition was organised to parade and explore the historical cultural significance of this particular fabric in Nigeria.

The exhibition presented a fascinating chapter in African fashion history and enhanced a contemporary aspect of culture that extends beyond the borders of a single nation, interconnecting people, ideas, and creativity through trade.

The African Lace is known to highlight fashion, creativity, opulence, and it is the joy of social gatherings in Nigeria.The exhibition is organised by the Museum of Ethnology Vienna and the National Commission for Museums and Monuments of Nigeria.

It is supported by the Austrian Embroidery Industry

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