Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am the DIVA to die for.

I touch down at Heathrow; it’s been barely six hours since we took off at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. My adorable hair is still in place. HAIR SOLUTION is still the place. I walk majestically, not oblivious to the stares and catcalls from the admiring men and women alike. They think I am stunning. Why should I blame them? Indeed I am. I just stepped out of Hair Solutions on my way to the Airport; my perfect hair style is on check. The confidence I exude emanates from within, clad in Body shapewear I got at Etc Lingerie. My embellished Ankara kimono Jacket from TAE glistens in the afternoon sun, my matching bags and gladiator print sandals from Alima Oyofo.

This is my diary…
Hello people, my name is Moriam Musa.

My journey into the Nigerian fashion Industry began about six [6] years ago as a rookie journalist. My level of fascination has soared tremendously as I daily get enthralled by the finesse which our indigenous artistes display. From Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Zizi Cardow, Tiffany Amber, Deola Sagoe, TAE, Alima Oyofo, Amede, Hallero, Adebayo Jones just to mention a few, the Nigerian fashion scene has fast blossomed into a goldmine. Our very own designers and stylists have worldwide repute and can stand their grounds anywhere in the world.

The problem however lies in the creative and strategic direction espoused in reaching their targets. This is where we come in. At Morsi, we believe that a Brand name is beyond a name, it is the beginning of a conversation. We are Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle publicists, with a passion for creating the right kind of publicity for our clients.

What you would experience here is an explosive array of style immersed in professionalism beyond your imagination. We would bring you all the latest collections, designs, events, sales, new arrivals from our Clients.

WARNING: This Page can be highly addictive. Viewer’s Discretion is advised.


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