Friday, July 20, 2018

Model turned Designer Damola Cruz Unveils Label Alan Cruzer; Drops ‘The Bespoke Luxury Collection’

Nigerian bespoke tailoring company Alan Cruzer has dropped their 2018 Bespoke Luxury Collection. The modern fashion brand by top model turned designer Damola Cruz Adebowale supply men with all their needs from custom suits, shirts and accessories including shoes, ties, cufflinks and all other customized accessories.

Modeled by the designer, the collection showcases well-tailored bespoke suits for different types of grooms and their bridal party. The pieces are all made from the finest fabrics. However, the collection is bridal themed, it is not limited to grooms only. The pieces are suitable for all kinds of special occasions.

According to the designer, “Alan Cruzer Bespoke traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for our customer, and so differs from ready-to-wear, which is factory made in finished condition, standardized sizes, and from made to measure, which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern. We are dedicated to providing world class tailoring and exceptional service. The kind of service that you remember and the quality of garments that make you feel special when you wear them.”


Designer: @alancruzerbespoke
Model: @damolacruz
Photographer: @trans4mazfotography
Stylist: @alancruzerbespoke
 Publicist: @moafricapr
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Emerge Alara Begins 2018 Registration-Winners To Win Fantastic Prices

The Emerge ALÁRA Awards are an Africa wide search for exceptional talent in Design, Art, Fashion and Cuisine.

The organizers of this show took to Instagram to make the announcement

Starting with Emerge ALÁRA- The Fashion Edition this year, the most promising young designer and fashion media creative will be selected and offered the opportunity to present a retail collection and exhibition respectively, as well as receive mentorship from a carefully selected team of advisors.

Applications are now open at here.

Athlete Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers is the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain in 66 years

Here’s what you call a game-changer: For the first time in its 66-year history, Miss Universe Great Britain—the qualifying pageant for the Miss Universe competition—gave the crown to a black woman.

But the history-making honor didn’t go to your average pageant queen; winner Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers is a heptathlete with a head full of gorgeous locs, making her not only the first black woman to capture the crown in Britain but also the first to compete in a major pageant wearing dreadlocks.

The newest beauty queen took to her IG page to say ......"It has been a whirlwind two days since being crowned Miss Universe Great Britain 2018. I am privileged to have been chosen from a concentration of talented, ambitious, beautiful and funny women! I am humbled and truly uplifted by those who are embracing my rewarding experience and success as their own. I am deeply grateful for the financial donations of many to the A-sisterhood charity. I am thankful for the sponsors of my pageant sisters 2018, my own and especially @doyen_style @carajewellers @justboutique_nw for believing in this pageant and supporting the girls every step of the way. It is an absolute honour to carry the British flag 🇬🇧 on to the Miss Universe pageant later this year.
@gracielevy my pageant coach at @lsp_london - thank you for preparing me for this weekend! The hours we spent pouring over my interview, platform, poise and walk gave me a solid foundation to stand on this past Saturday!
Paula - our director- we owe you the greatest respect and appreciation for your unwavering belief that each one of us was capable of capturing the crown. @missuniversegreatbritain
@annamariaburdzy thank you for representing class, grace and intelligence during your reign and for inspiring me to enter this pageant system. And to the previous titleholders of Miss Universe Great Britain who i met on Saturday- @taravaitiere @nenafrance @jaimeleefaulkner - thank you for warmly embracing me into the fold like a newly born lamb. 💕😂. To my cherished friends, family and my manager Kerith, thank you for your unwavering support!!🇬🇧💕

Source; theglowup

Kim Kardashian Sued On Her New Fragrance Line That Makes Her A Million Dollars Every Minute

Kim kardashian makes a million dollars a minute on new fragrance line by only announcing on social media, no press conferences and no TV commercials.
 The 37-year-old reality star made a whopping $5million in just five minutes when she released her new set of perfumes on Tuesday according to TMZ.
Though one of Kim Kardashian West's new perfumes, the ones that put $5 mil in her pocket in just 5 minutes uses a logo that belongs to a different company, at least according to a new lawsuit.

Vibes Media's beef is only with the Vibes line because according to the suit, its bottle is shaped just like the logo they have hanging in their office -- and the perfume bottle itself is shaped like the logo.

The Chicago-based marketing company says KKW doesn't have permission to use its trademarked logo. Vibes Media wants all of Kim's hot-selling perfume to be destroyed, and it wants damages.
One of  the most impressive part of it all is that Kim and company did not spend a single cent on advertising and instead opted to use the power of social media.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The History of Hair Removal

Waxing is undoubtedly one of the most common methods of hair removal. Of course there are a variety of ways to get rid of body hair like: shaving, hair removal creams, threading, epilation and laser. But In this day and age you can easily get rid of any unwanted hair on your body from your face to your intimate area right down to your toes. 

Let's take a look back at where it all started from and why?
▪The Egyptians may have been the forerunners of many beauty rituals, but they invested the most time into hair removal. Women of ancient Egypt removed all of their body hair, including that on their heads, with tweezers (made from seashells) and pumice stones. OUCH!!!
▪It is commonly agreed that full body hair removal originated in Middle Eastern countries. It is thought to have come about as a response to body odour that can be common in a hot climate. It became a religious ritual to promote cleanliness and purification. 
▪During the Roman Empire, the lack of body hair was considered a sign of the classes. Wealthy women and men used razors made from flints, tweezers, creams, and stones to remove excess hair. Again OUCH!!! In fact, even pubic hair was considered uncivilized which is why many famous statues and paintings of Grecian women are painted hairless.
▪During the 1950s, hair removal became more publically accepted. Since many depilatory creams were still irritating to the skin, women relied on razors to shave their legs and underarms and tweezers to groom and shape their eyebrows.
▪Wax strips made their début in the 1960s and quickly became the method of choice for removing unwanted hair under the arms and on the legs.
▪Today, most women rely on some form of hair removal in their everyday beauty routines, whether it is hair removal creams, tweezing, threading, shaving or waxing. Waxing bars, salons and studios, are at an all time high and continue to rise as waxing is one of the most highly requested treatments in beauty salons across the world.
▪So, whatever method you use, the main reason behind hair removal has always been about hygiene and class! 
But if the old methods are anything to go by, I think we would all happily choose waxing any day of the week, wouldn't you agree?
 Written By Ada Osigwe

Actress Jemima Osunde frontlines The Roots Collection By My Q Lady

Fashion house My Q Lady has released a collection aptly known as The Roots Collection.

The Roots Collection visualizes a brief history of Nigerian female heroines. The collection is honoring women who have fought for our independence, our freedom and democracy.

Actress Jemima Osunde frontlines the collection: showcasing the pieces with grace and style.

The Collection celebrates our African roots, highlighting the adire fabric.  Adire – which literally means “tie &dye” is at the core of the collection – as The Creative Director goes down history employing a modern twist to wearable pieces.

The collection stays true to the MY Q aesthetic- with the use of lace, color and detailed beading. Each piece was designed as an ode to an African heroine and her strong roots : they are modern, wearable and reflect the 21st century woman .The dresses celebrate her and in turn her style, representing the African woman essence.

More about this Lookbook can be seen on the tribe and elan website

Model Breastfeeds Her Daughter As She Walk Down The Runway In Miami Swim Week

Social Media has been on fire following the stunning moment of pure strength and the magic of motherhood when Mara Martin walked the runway in a swimsuit, while breastfeeding her baby.
Mara is the talk of the audience who attended the Miami Swim Week Fashion Show. We have witnessed several amazing moments on the runway but nothing compared to this bravery displayed by the young mother. She appeared on the runway in one shoulder bikini while breastfeeding her 5-month daughter.

She quickly became the toast of audience receiving applauds as she makes her way on the runway holding her daughter in her hands, the little girl was protected from the noisy environment wearing earmuffs.
We have had several mother-daughter runway walk, we have different kinds of record-breaking runway shows and models, but this is definitely going to be a memorable one.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Christian Dior Couture Collection Shows Off Class And Elegance

Maria Grazia Chiuri's latest showing for the brand was a lovely display of simplicity, femininity and classic elegance, with a modern twist on house codes.
The Fall 2018 couture offering could easily cater to women of all ages — that is, those who are able to afford the handmade goods — and included both day- and eveningwear options that would be smart, timeless additions to any wardrobe.

 In a muted color palette that included black, navy, grey, nude, blush pink, earthy green and gold, the collection started out with a series of updated Dior signatures: structured coats and suiting pieces in substantial fabrics; airy dresses with belted, nipped-in waists and relaxed, pleated skirts; a take on the house's famous petal gown; tailored jackets with dramatic, voluminous sleeves; and modest-yet-modern long-sleeved gowns. About halfway through the show, a series of metallic gold suits highlighted the atelier's tailoring and brought attention to different areas of the body: A deep-V cut blazer had plenty of sex appeal, and jackets that rounded out at the hip hearkened back to the early days of Dior.

Source fashionista

Nothing in general, moved for me - Davido Opens Up To Glam Magazine

From career challenges to his love life with Chioma, Davido bares it all in the publication’s “Africa Rising” – themed issue.

Speaking on one of the hurdles he had to overcome, Davido says; “…I left Nigeria for a while in January 2016, and I got signed to Sony around that time. And then I was left thinking, like, I’ve signed this deal…now what? So when I dropped this If thing, it at first didn’t really move. Nothing, in general, moved for me. I wouldn’t say that I was depressed at the time since I was just trying to stay positive, but I was like ‘what is going on?”.
From Gucci to Givenchy, Davido has always shown himself as a lover of all things stylish! For the photos following the cover feature, the Assurance crooner is clad in street style-approved gear; urban biker jacket, flannel shirt, Gucci sunnies and all that bling bling.

Check out all the photos:

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People Don't Really Like Us-Kylie Jenner As She And Travis Scott Cover August Issue Of GQ Magazine

The couple who welcomed a daughter, Stormi, a few months back share with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green rare details of their relationship; how they met, fell in love and keep their relationship private.
Green didn’t miss the opportunity to ask Scott and Jenner of the famous Kardashian curse and this was what Scott had to say:

    I don’t even be looking at motherf**kers. I don’t be looking at shit. Kylie actually likes me for me.

    I’m on my own island. So hey, come over there to Astroworld. I’m not into all the other shit. I don’t get involved. I’m over here. Kylie is different.

Kylie also said “We don't go on dates,” Kylie tells me. In fact, their first date wasn't really a date. They were at Coachella—neither can remember where, exactly, they first met—and the whole thing just turned into a hang that went well. While she tells me about it, she begins to giggle about the story she told Travis that got his attention that night. The story wasn't anything special, but that's what made it real. How'd you meet your significant other? It starts normal, right?
But then their second date, by all definitions, was anything but normal. They caught the wave. Kylie Jenner—and nearly 100 million followers of hers—just abandoned her life in California and took off on tour with Travis Scott.
“Coachella was one of the stops on his tour,” she explains. “So he said, ‘I'm going back on tour—what do we want to do about this?’ Because we obviously liked each other.”
What do we want to do about this? That's an early-2000s Matthew McConaughey big-screen-heartthrob line. Holy shit. “And I was like, ‘I guess I'm going with you,’ ” she said, to complete the scene.

For the shoot, Kylie and Travis Scott were styled by Madeline Weeks and photographed by Paola Kudacki.

See more photos:

Read the full feature on HERE.

Photo Credit: @gq