Monday, February 18, 2019

Yutee Rone Embodies Modern Femininity with the Lotus Collection

Yutee Rone’s latest collection delivers a feline modesty that undoubtedly makes an impression.
The collection which deductively from its Sylvan derivative title Lotus, is incredibly efflorescent from choice of color and fabric ranging from breezy to pastel, to cut and tailoring, embodies everything feline.

According to the designer....."The collection is inspired by lotus, the aquatic flower colloquially known as Water Lily. Just like the arresting flower, this collection is unique in the manner in which it acutely captures the effervescent, confident demeanor of the Yutee Rone woman.” 

Though a little away from the traditional dictation of feminity, this Lotus woman comes with more than a little sense of freedom, an attestation to her modernity and birth as a millennial. The designer Yutee Rone, captures the identity of the Lotus woman as one intentionally youthful, and cuts across her many, many adventures, international travels, and interests as a modern woman.

See every look in the collection below;

Creative Credits
Brand: Yutee Rone
Photography: Joshsisly
Model: Napari Isha

Movie Producer & Actor – Enyinna Nwigwe features in the “Possible Conversation “ Season 2 Campaign by Vanskere

In its second edition of the “ Possible Conversation” with luxury menswear brand – Vanskere and who better to be the next cast than , Award winning Nollywood actor and producer, Enyinna Nwigwe.

Enyinna needs little no introduction as he  models a tell it all collection in a rare weave of Personality meets Drive . The collection interprets the newly activated style mode of a man on a mission who is prepared to defy all norms as he edges  towards his breakthrough success in the turbulent uphill climb of his career yet looking breathlessly stylish . Therein creates the avenue for a Possible Conversation .

The collection parades pieces of time breeching designs of familiar hues ,devoid of the chaos of the “Todays” fast track attention seeking garbs yet preserving the ethics of a pristine range .

 Whether at a “Wedding Party” or “Black November” corporate meeting, the undeniable fact is that  you are the unconventional conversation starter of the scene who  has progressed from just being in the spotlight to becoming the frontline decision maker in a twist of class & style .  


Model: Enyinna Nwigwe

Photography: Barret Akpokobayen

Styling and Direction: Evans Akere

PR: Morsi PR  

Saturday, February 16, 2019


 Joy Egbejimba of Nuciano Bags is on the Cover of Vanguard Allure today .

Creative Director : @nellymesik
Photography : @ahmedmoore1
Stylist : @styledbyseun
Hair : @indulgence_hairaffair
Makeup : @debbysez

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I NEVER had a nose job, Its the Make up .....Kim Kardashian

  • Kim, 38, denied having rhinoplasty while getting her makeup done by Mario Dedivanovic during The Master Class in Los Angeles over the weekend 
  • The reality star stressed that she 'never' had her nose done, despite everyone thinking that she has 
  • She admitted the 'bump' on her nose looks bigger in some pictures compared to others 
  • Mario said he uses makeup to contours Kim's nose and hide the 'small bump' 
  • Over the past decade, Kim has been accused of having breast augmentation, butt implants, and liposuction, all of which she has denied 
Kim Kardashian has been accused of having rhinoplasty for years, and while she understands why fans would think she has gone under the knife, she insists that's not the case. 
The 38-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star spoke candidly about the appearance of her nose while getting her makeup done by Mario Dedivanovic at The Master Class in Los Angeles over the weekend. 
'I never had my nose done,' she said. 'Everyone thought I did, and I said, "Wait until I have kids because your real features come out."'
She later attempted to clarify her rather perplexing explanation by tweeting: 'I said you will see when I have kids, they will have the same nose as me.' But that is how she denied all other jobs done on her body , right ?

See Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Day surprise!

 Travis Scott creates walkway of love as couple start celebrations early

Today will be Kylie's second Valentine's Day with beau Travis Scott
And with still another day to go, Kylie Jenner has already been gifted with love. 
Taking to Instagram Stories, the 21-year-old showcased the rapper's Valentine's Day tunnel of love he had created for his girl. 

The tunnel was filled with various archways of both pink and red roses styled in the shape of hearts.While Kylie walked down the long path in the middle of her home, sultry music played.
As the makeup mogul reached the end of the walkway of love, she was greeted with a LED lit heart on a stand. 
And it's no surprise Travis has already gone all out for his baby mama and lady love. 
Kylie took to social media last February 14 to share a video of her entire home including the staircase filled with fresh red roses and candles.
As the makeup mogul reached the end of the walkway of love, she was greeted with a LED lit heart on a stand.

Rare Leopard – “Black Panther” – spotted in Kenya

A team of biologists have released photos of a rare melanistic leopard, also called the Black Panther, which was shot in the  bushlands of Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia County in Kenya.
Nick Pilfold and his team, after hearing that there’s a black wildcat lurking in the are, deployed remote cameras to capture the big cat.
According to National Geographic, the juvenile female was spotted traveling with a larger, normally coloured leopard, presumed to be her mother.
There is a mild controversy as to whether it’s the first time the cat is being seen since a 1909 photograph taken in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper said a similar photograph was taken in 2013 by Phoebe Okall, but Pilfold and his team say otherwise.
These new photos were captured by wildlife photographer Will Burrard Lucas.
Pilford told CNN that he’s “aware of a few different photos taken over the years, but most of them are taken from a distance and could not be used as confirmatory evidence.”
According to Pilford, Okall’s photo “is a captive black leopard that was brought from America as a kitten to Kenya, not wild.”
The photos were published in January in the African Journal of Ecology.

Publisher of Anasty Boy Flees Nigeria after Homophobic Attack

Nigerian lawyer, journalist and publisher Richard Akuson of the gender-nonconforming magazine A Nasty Boy , recently fell victim of a homophobic attack and he has since fled the country for the United States of America for safety .
The creator and stylist of the gender-nonconforming magazine says the incident brought him "even closer to the harsh realities of LGBTQ + people in Nigeria and across the world." Back in 2017, he said he knew he'd be taking a risk in a country where toxic masculinity is rampant and homosexuality is punishable by law but he did it anyway As the stories of people and ideas that challenged rigid notions of gender and sexuality were too important to go untold—especially in Nigeria.
Recently,he was ambushed and beaten in a targeted attack that he claims was in response to his work. This in-human move led him to spend several months seeking asylum in the US. The publisher decided to share his story publicly  in a two-part post on A Nasty Boy's Instagram page.

Read the rest HERE 

Barbie Now Introduces Dolls In Wheelchairs and with Prosthetic Limbs

Barbie has introduced a new range of dolls that recognizes and represents people living with disabilities.
Mattel, the toy company that manufactures Barbie, will soon debut a doll in a wheelchair, a doll with a prosthetic leg and a doll with textured, braided hair as part of its Barbie Fashionistas line.

In a news release, Mattel said the company intends to expand its doll collection to broaden the definition of beautiful.
The statement reads:

As a brand, we can elevate the conversation around physical disabilities by including them into our fashion doll line to further showcase a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion.

The upcoming doll with a wheelchair will have an articulated body so she can easily sit in the chair, but other dolls within the Made to Move line can also be used with the wheelchair. The doll, wheelchair, and compatible DreamHouse ramp will sell for about $19.99.
Other Fashionista dolls sell for $9.99, including the doll with the removable prosthetic limb.

Abebi By Tan Unveils Its Bridal Luxury Line

The AbebiByTan Bridal Collection is a line of timeless bridal kimonos (cover ups), designed for today’s fashionable brides and inspired by the airy, elegant mood and intimate nature of the bride on her big day.
The brand is an affordable ready-to-wear line for the everyday stylish Bride and Bridesmaid.
Kicking off on a very vibrant note, Abebi by Tan’s first bridal collection intends to be a convertible style that can be worn while a bride gets ready for a boudoir session or as a finale touch to your honeymoon lingerie.
It also features colourful bridal kimonos, which come in lace, silk and floral patterns tailored to perfection.
Each piece is stylishly designed to make every bride and bridesmaid feel comfortable and beautiful on the wedding day.

The creative director-  Seyitan Atigarin describes this line as lush and versatilile. when asked her inspiration for the line she said “I want every woman wearing each piece to feel comfortable, stylish, luxuriant, chic and sexy. Each kimono can be worn long after the wedding day and is sure to become a perfect aide-memoire of your special day”

Are you ready to say I do?

Brand: Abebi By Tan –  (@abebibytan)
Photography: Anny Robert – (@anny_robert)
Veil: Elsie Bridal (@elsiejoybridal)
Accessories: Pink Perfection  (@pinkperfection_accessories)
Videographer :  Ajifa Atuluku – (@ms_ayjay)
Models: Taje Prest – (@missvivacioust), Amiola Aguda – (@darkskinnedfemale), Stephanie Ani – (@ani_stephanie)
Makeup: Chidinma (@chydymmah)
Creative Direction: The Style Concierge (

Friday, February 8, 2019

If You Want Extra-Long Hair Extensions Like Latasha Ngwube, Zuto Hair Has Got You Covered

Goddess locs are becoming a major trend and we’re not mad at it. The latest influencer to rock the style is Latasha Ngwube, who took a  break from her signature straight hair in this new style guide from Zuto Hair. You’re going to want to take notes for this one, because you’re seriously trying to copy Latasha’s latest hair look. There’s no stopping Latasha right now. She’s been an unofficial ambassador for Zuto Hair for a while now, has a Lord’s Gin collab under her belt, and now she’s giving us even more inspo courtesy of these goddess faux locs.
The Zuto Hair Style guide has the mediapreneur and body positivity activist in a variety of styles from a 'Coming to America' inspired pony to a regal updo.
Latasha is wearing the NIKE Nu locs style extended to an extra-long length of 36 inches . See images below

Brand: @zutohair